MCHS spirit week


Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

Every year, Michigan City High School has a spirit week throughout the week leading up to the homecoming game. The homecoming game is one of the biggest games of the year, so the school builds anticipation through spirit week. The spirit at MCHS is like no other. Every year new ideas are presented by the student council.
Because Michigan City High School’s football team was playing LaPorte’s undefeated team, the week was all the more special. This year the school decided to go with the following five themes: character day, Hawaiian/tourist day, sports/college day, patriotic day, and class color day.
Character day was on Monday, and it allowed students to dress up as characters from any movie, television show, book, or anything else that has characters.
This seemed to be a big hit with the students around the high school. Walking through the halls, one could see anything from a young man in a princess dress, to a teacher dressed up as King Kong.
The next theme on Tuesday was Hawaiian/tourist day. This day seemed to be a classic to MCHS, as it seems to find its way into the rotation year after year. On this day, students could wear anything a tourist would wear to somewhere like Hawaii. They were also allowed to wear shirts from places where they had previously vacationed.
Wednesday was sports/college day. This day seemed to have the most people participating because of the wide variety of apparel to wear.
On Thursday it was another class favorite: patriotic day. Similarly to Hawaiian/tourist day, this day seems to pop up at least once a year. This day exemplifies just how much the student body likes to show their patriotic pride. On patriotic day, students were entitled to wear a red, white, or blue top.
Last, but not least, was Friday, which was color color day. Each class has its own color and the students were allowed to wear their identified color. This was also the theme for The Den at the homecoming game versus LaPorte.
Although this was supposed to be a fun week around the school, it got a lot of skepticism.
This is because of the strict restrictions that were supposed to enforce MCAS’s “Dress for Success.” For example, on every day except Monday, students had to wear “Dress for Success” bottoms.
Dress code includes khaki, grey, black, or blue pants. Students and parents alike thought that the kids should have more freedom, because it was the one week of the year where students did not have to be completely in dress code.
Tyler Siegmund, a sophomore at MCHS, said, “I get that the dress code is a big part of the school system, but I really thought we would get a chance to express ourselves through this week. I was disappointed about having to wear half dress code most days, but I still had a fun week overall.”
After this problem faded, students at MCHS still had fun participating in spirit week. As previously stated, Friday’s theme even carried over to the football game. The Den’s theme was class colors as well.
A lot of students showed their class pride at the game, and, even though the MCHS football team lost, the wolves’ spirit was high. Spirit week

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