Clowns take America

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

A new phenomenon is shaking the United States. Individuals are dressing up as clowns, and not your nice party clown, scary clowns that would scare even the bravest. What started as teenagers playing pranks on unsuspecting town dwellers, soon took a sinister turn. The clowns started to get out of hand, and but getting out of hand I mean they got violent. Clowns can now be seen carrying knives, machetes, guns, and only weapons of mass destruction. There have even been reports of clowns trying to lure people into the forest or into vans. It has gotten blown way out of proportion and people across the US are now terrified. Legal actions have been brought against the clowns, if you are seen in a clown costume after dark some police may pick you up. This is happening not only for the citizens safety, but also for the safety of the people in clown suits. As expected, regular people are retaliating to these masked foes. Clown masks are flying off shelves of Halloween stores in America. These “Killer Clowns” have even been spotted locally. One reported stated to see a clown with an ax positioned across from Coolspring Elementary School. Other clowns have been seen carrying various tools patrolling the streets in LaPorte County. Clowns across America are suffering because of this outbreak. The clowns who need to make a real living can´t because of these impostors. Professional clowns are even getting attacked or discriminated. With Halloween coming up, Americans are frightened to see how far the clowns may go. If you were a parent, would you let your child go without supervision? These are the decisions they must go through. The clowns have certainly wreaked havoc to the minds of Americans.

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