Starbucks’ green election cups make consumers unhappy

Emily Gushrowski, Sports Reporter

As the holidays begin to roll in, many people look forward to their traditional red cup from Starbucks with their favorite seasonal drink inside.  During this time of year, the menu offers many limited time only drinks that customers expect to be served in a red holiday cup.  Starbucks released a green cup on November 1 only to leave customers frustrated and annoyed.

Starbucks’ consumers were hoping to get their holiday drink in a red cup on the first of November.  Disappointment filled their hearts when they received their drink in a green cup.  That led to Starbucks being accused of politically brainwashing citizens.  Some even thought that Starbucks did not want to celebrate the holidays anymore, because the new green cup did not contain a face of Santa or Jesus. Do the costumers have it all wrong?

Starbucks’ intent of the green cup was to have the community celebrate togetherness.  Little did they know that it would cause an outrage.  The new green cup was designed by Shogo Ota who drew tons of people into a cup design with one continuous line.  The cup was meant to represent unity as the community prepares for the upcoming election.  Starbucks wanted to remind people of shared values and the need to be good to one another.  The cup was meant to celebrate the community’s unity, not make them unhappy.  

So while the seasonal drinks have returned, the traditional red cup has not.  On November 10, the cups should make their reappearance for the holidays.  Consumers should be happy when they receive their drink in their expected red cup.

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