Post-election encouragement


Dalin McCully, Feature Reporter

November 8, 2016 was a historic day in American history that left many enthusiastic about the future of the country while others are concerned.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and victory has had a tremendous impact on the country, including the young generation of millennials at Michigan City High School.

To sooth the nerves of many anxious young ones, MCHS English teacher, Michael Livovich (Mr. Livo), made an extra effort in his classes during the week following the election to encourage an uplifting spirit throughout the classroom.

Livo said, “The election served to accentuate divisions in our society. To a certain extent, this is not new, but I think that this election has spun out in some unprecedented and unhealthy ways. I have heard students say that they are actually scared of our president-elect–that they see him as a threat to their safety and identity as Americans. This makes me incredibly sad and concerned.”

The objective of Livo’s assignment was to display how many uplifting words and phrases of endearment can arise from the words “fear and mistrust.”

Fear and mistrust were emotions that were rampant among large groups of people following the election. As Livo explained to his classes many in MCHS feel afraid in their own skin and that symbolically the American  flag does not wave for them. However, he felt that the display of inspirational words can be so influential in one’s life that it can make them feel appreciated and safe.

Livo explains, “The idea grew out of that concern and the desire to address it became a gesture that students would understand.”

Over the course of two days students in all of his classes wrote synonymous words based upon love to combat the  feelings of uncertainty the election has bestowed upon them.

He says, “It solves nothing, I know. However, it is an attempt to identify a problem and to remind kids (and myself) that solutions exist in the everyday decisions that we make.”

The result was a beautiful mosaic of expressions that display each individual’s uniqueness and capacity for perseverance.

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