Favorite Thanksgiving memories

Jack Smith , Feature Reporter

Thanksgiving is a day full of memories for everyone whether they are good, bad, or otherwise. It is an American holiday that people love because you are able to spend the entire day with people you enjoy and then kick back and watch football or perhaps playing football with family and friends. In the end, however, it is a day for families to be together and for anyone and everyone to eat good food and have a good time with each other.

Here are some of the students at Michigan City High School’s favorite memories.

“Eating Tacos on my mom’s bed as a family.” -Alexis Zimmerle

“Cooking at my aunt’s house with my cousins.” -Mia Stansil

“The last time my great grandma made her special brown rice before she passed.” -Max Mahaffey

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when my entire family comes together” -Glorious Taylor

“The food.” -Allie Mellen

“Playing board games with family after eating.” -Hannah Moore

“I liked breaking the wish bone and getting the bigger half and then having all my wishes come true.” -Kate Kovalcik

“My favorite memory is when my family and I ate so much food together, and then we started a soul train and started dancing.” -Makiyah Smallwood

“Having a ton of extra food and eating pumpkin pie everyday for three weeks after.” -Evangelea Dabagia

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory is playing an intense game of spoons and my uncle wanted a spoon so bad that he stood up so fast that his chair flew behind him.” -Emma Sells



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