MCHS swimming: high hopes for upcoming season

Megan Grams , Sports Reporter

After the MCHS swimming team’s outstanding 2015-2016 season, the Wolves have high hopes and high goals for this upcoming season. Although losing some key senior swimmers on both the girls’ and boy’s teams, the Wolves are adamant on having a very successful season.

Since the team has lost some valuable seniors, junior, Ali Hakim says, “It is all up to the underclassmen.” Hakim goes on to say that Coach Kovenz has stepped up the training and he can see improvements each day in every swimmer.

According to sophomore Alec Marter a strong point for the boys this season is that, “we all push each other past what we think we can do, and we always encourage each other; our strong point is our connection with each other as a group.” On the girls side senior Allison Thomas says,”The atmosphere has not really changed. Yeah we lost a couple of seniors and it is hard, but we have all always been close. The newer swimmers have been welcomed with open arms and they fit right in.”

This past summer, the swimmers conditioned very rigorously, hoping that this would prepare them for the upcoming season, bettering themselves and benefitting the team. Junior Ali Hakim conditioned this summer by running and building up cardiovascular endurance. In pre-season, he has been doing bodyweight workouts and accomplishing goal after goal. Not only has he been preparing physically, but he has been preparing mentally as well, “I had the mindset that this year will be the best swim year of my life and had to work for it,” said Hakim.

Senior, Allison Thomas has also been conditioning all summer. Over the summer, she worked as a lifeguard at Washington Park Beach, she played on the high school soccer team, and she spent a month in Germany. Thomas says, “One way or another I was either always swimming, running, or hiking.”

Both the boys’ and girls’ teams have high goals that they are confident they are going to meet this season. Sophomore Grace Thomas hopes to meet a state cut in the medley relay this season. Hakim’s number one goal is to survive throughout post-season to make it back to state for the third time in his high school career. Hakim and Marter both hope that the team also qualifies for state this year. For Allison Thomas’ senior year, she hopes several of the girls get to compete in DAC, sectionals, and state.

With the 2016-2017 swimming season approaching, the Wolves are confident that their summer and pre-season workouts are going to be beneficial in the long run. “The team is a family and we have each other’s backs through everything. We are an encouraging bunch. The team has a stronger bond now than in the past,” said junior Ali Hakim. With both the girls’ and boy’s strong bonds and encouraging teammates, both teams are confident they are going to have a very successful 2016-2017 season.

“Most of us grew up together through club swimming, so it is one big family.” ”

— Allison Thomas

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