Club Spotlight: Science Olympiad


Dalin McCully, Feature Reporter

The new Science Olympiad season begins with a new sponsor Ms. Gray who also happens to be a new teacher at MCHS.
Ms. Gray says, “I wanted to take over Science Olympiad to show everyone that not only is science fun, but it is so much more than experiments performed in a laboratory… it involves ingenuity, creativity, and problem solving. I am sure that everyone has something different to bring to the table.”
Science Olympiad is an academic based club whose purpose is to study and prepare for the 16 annual Regional Tournament at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, IN. The competition is a day long event on a Saturday where hundreds of other students from schools all around the Northwest Indiana Region compete in hour long events.
The events consist of 23 team events in each division and range from subjects such as biology, engineering, forensics, and chemistry. These events allow students to display their intellectual abilities, work well with their fellow schoolmates, and proudly represent their school.
Sophomore and returning member, Jasmine Williams said, “In Science Olympiad you are able to use science to get a better understanding of your world around you and learn so much more that you cannot learn in your everyday science class.”
The competition is separated into two categories, building events and knowledge based events. The events are very competitive and are often highlighted by running, sweating, and fast writing.
Returning member, Sophomore Allyson Young said, “I loved the adrenaline rush during the events and being able to compete against other schools to see what they are capable of. I came back this year because I love designing and creating things.”
These events often consist of different activities. The Bridge Building events objective is to test a pre-prepared bridge with various constraints. The Chemistry Lab has a cycle of multiple stations where students must work quickly to solve conversions and stoichiometry equations.
The team spends months in preparation for their specific events that test their knowledge about specific topics in science. These topics are challenging, but the members assist in bringing liveliness and joy to the club. The club disciplines and aids the members in setting and accomplishing goals to work hard to achieve.
Junior Brien Rissman says, “I joined Science Olympiad because I have loved the field for so long and wanted to do something constructive to represent our school. I am a new member but I already feel like I’m a part of the team.”
Ms. Gray picked up the mantle of sponsor for Science Olympiad this year. For years, science teacher, Robert Gray led the team to countless competitions, trophies, medals until his retirement during the 2015-2016 school year.
The preceding years team featured 15 students who competed at the regional competition in February. The team placed third in the Aerial Scrambler trial event.
The slightly upsetting result only motivated the members to work harder. This year Ms. Gray has been taking the competition seriously by reaching out more to students and administrators.
To better prepare for this year’s tournament Sophomore, Samarah Williams says, “I definitely want to study more, encourage people to stay committed to what the agreed to, and have more members.
The team needs more members to prepare the 2017 competition. Science Olympiad members encourage people who are interested in science fields to join the club to showcase their talents. The club is an uplifting group that is enjoyable for all grades and academic abilities.

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