Athlete of the issue: Hannah Tubbs


Hannah Tubbs performing at halftime.

Emily Gushrowski , Sports Reporter

Hannah Tubbs is a senior at MCHS who has been a part of sports and other activities throughout her high school career. Tubbs has been swimming since age 4. She is an only child that sometimes wishes she had siblings.

“I never got the chance to experience what it is like to live with another person around my age,” Tubbs said.

Although she may be alone at home, Tubbs is not alone in the pool. Being captain of the swim team, she takes the role of leadership very seriously. She tries her best to be a good example for the rest of the team by showing up to practice early and rarely ever missing practice. Tubbs strives to help her team and motivate them whenever she can. One way she motivates the team, is by challenging the other swimmers in her lane to go first, so they have to swim faster than the person behind them.

Tubbs has a lot of fun with the swim team. Before a meet, the girl’s team will get together and say a cheer to get everyone excited. Being captain, Tubbs will then give words of encouragement to pump up the team even more and go into the meet with a positive attitude.

Tubbs has made many accomplishments related to swimming. She won the hardest worker award, and she placed fifth at sectionals for the 50 freestyle event her junior year.

“I am really looking forward to this season and having the chance to break the school record for the 200 freestyle relay,” Tubbs said.

Her favorite events are the 50 freestyle and 100 backstroke. She will always cherish the memory of the 400 freestyle relay placing third at sectionals last year. She really appreciates how close the people are on the swim team and how much her coach has helped her progress.

“Most of the swimmers on the boys and girls teams have been swimming together since we were little. It has been a lot of fun growing up with them and seeing them improve as they get older,” said Tubbs.

Before swim season begins, Tubbs spends time participating in colorguard. Tubbs was MVP sophomore year, and was co-captain with senior, Emily Glowacki her senior year. This year, Tubbs had a duet with Glowacki that she enjoyed a lot. Her favorite part of colorguard is performing in front of an audience doing something she loves. She also did track her junior year.

Outside of sports, Tubbs is part of spanish club and National Honor Society. Spanish is her favorite class and club.

“I really benefited from taking Spanish, because I learned a lot about the language. It has inspired me to want to continue to learn Spanish and it has impacted my life and my future future,” Tubbs explained.

She likes that she has the opportunity to help the community and make the school a better place.

She plans to go to Purdue for college to major in education and minor in spanish. Tubbs is also looking into Ball State for college. She wants to live in Costa Rica after finishing school.

In her free time, Tubbs likes to watch Dance Moms, listen to Taylor Swift, and crochet.

“I like watching Dance Moms, because I’ve wanted to be a dancer my whole life. I get to watch the girls on the show and live out the dream I could never have,” said Tubbs. Her role model is Taylor Swift, because she likes how successful and humble Swift is.

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