Teachers Transpire Thanksgiving Traditions

Farrah Goodall, Feature Reporter

At MCHS there are several traditions that the school and teachers have for Thanksgiving.
Generally, Thanksgiving is accepted as an important holiday because it gives families the opportunity to spend time together with a few days off from work and the holiday spirit in the air.
Speech teacher, Daena Sisk said, “Thanksgiving is an important holiday because it gives people a chance to celebrate being together without presents or buying things for each other; it is all about spending time together.”
Michael Livovich, an English teacher, said, “Thanksgiving is an excuse to slow down and gain perspective on what is going on in life. Hopefully, we are able to find that we are grateful for what is going on in our lives.”
“Thanksgiving gives people the chance to spend time with family they do not always get to see. I think it is really beneficial to students to get that break from their busy lives,” said science teacher, Andrew Jasicki.
Getting students to see the value of Thanksgiving is one thing that, math teacher, James Jepsen tries to accomplish in November. He said, “I like to discuss some things with my students that we find to be important in our lives and remind ourselves of what values really matter. The main concept that I want my students to understand is to be appreciative for what they do have, more than disappointed in what they do not have.”
Lucas Snyder, history teacher and track coach, said that he would like to “have more foods and snacks in class for Thanksgiving.”
“In Spanish Club every year, we make hand turkeys and write what we our thankful for on them. I also have some of my students write ‘thank-you’ notes to their teachers to show that they appreciate them in their lives. It is important to take that thankful recap every year,” said Spanish teacher Senorita G.
Cultural differences surround Thanksgiving as well. Every family and individual has different traditions when celebrating Thanksgiving. Sisk said, “It would be great to be able to sit down for a meal with each one of my students and see what their cultural traditions are surrounding the meals and holidays. I think it would help them realize that even their presence during the holidays is extremely important.”
The classrooms also come together within the school and provide for events like food drives, clothing collections, and other programs. Senorita G said, “Holidays are a time when everyone should feel privileged to spend time with their families. I think time spent with family with no food would be one of the worst things ever, so I am glad students and teachers alike can come together to provide for those in need.”
“I appreciate that many of our community fundraisers and support programs are in the time period of Thanksgiving. I try and make sure that the students I teach are getting involved with food drives and collecting clothing for those who need it along with other programs,” Jepsen said.
Livovich would like to remind students that “there are always hard times, but things will get better. So, use the holidays as a time to appreciate life.”

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