Vin Scully retires after 67 seaons

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

It was a sad moment for sport fans all over  when arguably one of the best announcers in baseball history finally put down the mic.

Vincent Edward ¨Vin¨ Scully, recently stepped down from being the Los Angeles Dodgers announcer. He had been announcing for them for 67 seasons. Scully made his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950.

To put it into perspective, he announced while the late Jackie Robinson was playing baseball. Robinson was the first African American player to play in the MLB,

Scully holds the record for being the longest sports announcer in history. His 67 seasons will certainly hold up for a while.

Although 67 seasons may not seem that long to some, it really is considering it is about 67 years. Scully is now 88 years old and felt it was time for him to step down from being an announcer.

It would not be surprising if Scully makes a return for a  game or two down the road, he loves baseball that much.

Scully and others like Harry Caray were some of the first to bring light to announcing. They brought a certain flare that had never been seen before.

People came not only for the ballgame, but to hear who was announcing. Television only amplified the legacy of Scully. He was the one who everyone loved and no one hated.

He was a nice man and cared very greatly about his legacy.

Although Scully did not announce the whole game of his last game on the job, his supporters enjoyed the amount of time he did announce.

Scully got a standing ovation and cheers that was said to be heard miles away. Scully announced until the fourth inning until he took a short break. He then came back in the seventh inning to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”.

Some fans and even other announcers could not hold in the emotions. It was truly magical at Dodgers Stadium that night.

During the game, Scully called that the game would end with a walk-off homerun.

It was the tenth inning and Charlie Culberson was up to bat. He stepped up and hit a walkoff home run, how is that for magical? Vin Scully can be regarded as one of the greatest baseball announcers of all time.

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