Sadies 2016

Student council hosts Sadie Hawkins dance as tradition


Senior, Hannah Moore asks senior, Kory Blacksten to Sadies with a scavenger hunt around town, ending at his house.

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

Each year at MCHS, Student Council hosts the Sadie Hawkins dance, which is the dance in which girls get the opportunity to ask the guys. This year Sadies was held on Saturday, November 12 at 7:00 pm in the cafeteria, and, due to the newly renovated area, changes had to be made to the usual setup of the dance. This meant that, instead of the DJ being in the back corner like in previous years, it was a smaller set-up on the side of the cafeteria.

These renovations also had to be accommodated by the decorating committee. With changes made to the way tables were arranged along with other last-minute details, the decorating committee had their work cut out for them.

The set up for MCHS’s dance began at nine in the morning when members of the Student Council came in to help set up and decorate. The decorations committee was in charge of covering tables, making center pieces, hanging signs and lights, and creating the photo backdrop. The clean-up committee was in charge of staying after the dance to put away decorations and clean up the rest of the cafeteria.

Sadie Hawkins was originally a character from a comic strip published in November 1937, by Al Kapp. This created an official Sadie Hawkins Day. In the comic, Sadie Hawkins was known as “the homeliest gal in all them hills,” and for fifteen years she had not found a suitor. Since her father did not like the idea of her being a spinster, which is an unmarried woman past the usual age for being married, he invited all the unmarried men of the town, and she chose one. Therefore, he created the day so she could choose a husband. It was then made a yearly event for all unmarried women to “catch” their husbands.

Soon after the comic was published, high schools and colleges started hosting Sadie Hawkins dances to give girls the same opportunity as the woman from the comic.

Much like prom, Sadies offers the opportunity for students to ask their dates in creative ways. This time, though, the girl gets to ask. One proposal this year was made by senior, Hannah Moore to senior, Kory Blacksten. She created a scavenger hunt around town for him to find clues and put them all together. These clues were placed on his car, the marching band tower, at Steak n’ Shake, Mcdonald’s, her house, and, finally, his house, where the question, “Sadies?” was taped to his garage.

Along with the tradition of Sadies is collecting canned goods for the annual food drive. This year though, due to the six week food drive currently going on, Student Council decided to push back their drive to March.

Tickets were sold at ten dollars each and at a discounted price of five dollars if a canned food item was brought with.

These items were collected and then given to Jennifer Gracyalny, the teacher in charge of of the drive.

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