Election Season

Sarah Smith , Editor in Chief

Election season can be a complicated and sometimes very emotional time for U.S. citizens and this year was no exception. The result of the 2016 Presidential election left some Americans sitting at home questioning what exactly happened on November 8.
It was a stressful time for a lot of people and seemed to significantly affect college students. Some students were so upset that major universities, like Yale, cancelled some exams and classes the day after the election. The very idea of classes and exams being canceled left some people questioning the younger generations, wondering what exactly was the problem.
Could it be they were scared and nervous for our country’s future? Could it be that the uncertainty of Donald Trump was too much to handle? I believe what upset so many people was the overall shock of Donald Trump winning the election, an election the media had been telling us for months was a Hilary Clinton slam dunk.
However, as more and more votes were counted on Tuesday night, this assumption seemed to begin to crumble. As the election results continued to be tallied, we saw an incredible number of votes cast for Trump. States that had traditionally voted democratic (blue) kept turning up red, or republican. So what is the Donald Trump appeal? Could it be that he is not a politician? He is not owned by any big businesses because he funded much of his own campaign? He is not a Clinton? Or could it simply be that people like him and his policies? Each person who voted for Trump had his or her own reasons and is entitled to those reasons. It is unfair that in today’s climate, we have to worry about our political views and try our hardest not to offend someone with our views.
As an American citizen, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and the right to voice their opinions peacefully. We need to stop shutting each other down when someone does not agree with our own opinions or has opposing views. By listening to one another, we might be surprised what we can learn from each other.
Everyone grows up in a different environment and goes through different experiences and these experiences shape who we are. Because no two people go through the exact same things, we as a country, should stop trying to force our opinions and bias on others and realize that these tactics will get our country nowhere. We should listen to each other and take into account other’s opinions instead of just forcing our own on each other. And in the end, we can agree to disagree.

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