NHS decorates trees

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

At MCHS, students in National Honor Society are constantly working throughout their community and volunteering at many different places in order to get their service hours completed. For many of these students these hours of service are not just to complete their assigned amount of hours, but they genuinely enjoy helping out the people in their community.

Senior, Madison Root said, “ I enjoy completing the community service hours because it introduces me to different things going on in the city that I did not know about. Working as a team to decorate the room at the Barker Mansion was a great bonding experience because we all got to have fun while learning some history about the mansion as well.”

To be in NHS there are a couple of requirements that the students have to meet. This includes setting up and taking down Christmas trees at Barker Mansion each year.

In November, students from the group volunteered to help set up these trees, and on November 30, select students returned to the mansion to help decorate them afterwards.

Each room in the mansion has a tree set up in it and each is decorated differently.
Some of them were decorated just for fun, while others were decorated to participate in a competition for the best decorated room. Different schools in the area are competing in this competition, including Queen of all Saints.

On the 30, the students met at 6:30 pm at the mansion and were introduced to “the Christmas closet”, a room in which all of the decorations for the holidays are held.

In this room there were many options for different decorations. The NHS room was unanimously decided to be gold and white and was named “Golden Wonderland”, so that those who would be voting on the rooms would hopefully keep the image of the NHS room in their minds throughout their tour of the Barker Mansion.

A tree had previously been set up in the corner of the room waiting for the group.
Along with this were three glass table tops to be decorated as well. To protect the tops of the other wood surfaces in the room, the students were advised not to decorate those surfaces and to stick to the glass surfaces.

To light up the room a little more than just the lights from the trees, Senior, Kate Kovalcik had the idea to put strands of lights under white fabric that was laying on one of the tables so that it would look like snow with an extra glow.

The students enjoyed working at Barker mansion because it was a fun time to spend with friends while also giving back to the community.

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