Let’s Watch: Elf

Farrah Goodall, Feature Reporter

Elf is a popular Christmas movie directed by Jon Favreau that features the story of a human who, after being raised by elves, goes in search of his biological father in New York City.
This movie stars Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf, James Caan as Walter Hobbs, Buddy’s father, Bob Newhart as Papa Elf, Zooey Deschanel as Jovie, Buddy’s potential girlfriend, and Daniel Tay as Buddy’s brother.
The movie began with Papa Elf telling the audience a bit of background about elves, and then he goes on to say that no human has ever set foot in Santa’s workshop in the North Pole until Buddy.
Buddy was an orphan at a local Catholic church in New York City as a baby.
When Santa brought gifts to the orphanage, Buddy crawled into Santa’s bag and ended up in the North Pole later that Christmas evening. Papa Elf offered to raise Buddy as his own, and that is how Buddy’s story began.
Buddy, although drastically different than the other elf children, believed he was an elf until Papa Elf had to explain to him otherwise.
Once Buddy found out that his father was still alive and worked in Manhattan, New York, he decided to go on a quest to meet him.
Buddy had never seen anything like the busy city of New York, so there are several comical scenes when he tries to navigate his way to his dad’s office.
Walter thinks Buddy is crazy, because not only is Buddy a thirty-year old man dressed as an elf, but Buddy’s mother never told Walter about Buddy before she passed away. Because of this, he calls security to escort Buddy out of the building.
Buddy ends up working at Gimbel’s, one of New York’s finest toy shops. There, he meets Jovie, the “prettiest girl he has ever seen.”
After an incident at Gimbel’s, Buddy calls Walter to bail him out of jail and proceeds to get a DNA test.
When the results confirm Buddy’s story, Walter takes him home and introduces Buddy to the rest of the family, which includes his second wife and Buddy’s half-brother, Michael.
Several other events, including candy, syrup, snowball fights, ice skating, chinese food, lots of laughter, and more candy, occur in the days leading up to Christmas Eve, the night that Santa crashed into Central Park.
Buddy, Michael, and Jovie work to spread Christmas cheer “by singing loud for all to hear” to get Santa’s sleigh to fly again.
They are working against a broken engine, the park rangers of Central Park ,and the local news crews.
The movie ends with a heartwarming clip that is meant to get the audience in the Christmas spirit.

Photo Credit: Google Play
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