Trump protests erupt all over nation after presidential win

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

       Hilliary Clinton versus Donald Trump, it seems this has been all the talk in America ever since the candidates were finalized. Both candidates underwent some serious scrutiny for what they have done now or in the past. This election has been a roller coaster of emotions, but it finally came to a conclusion. Donald Trump emerged victorious from the vicious race that Americans have come to know. There was and is still a lot of skepticism around Trump and many still believe he will not be fit to be president. This is why many have gathered to protest Trump’s presidency.

      Thousands of people from all over the nation gathered to protest against our newest president. These protests occurred in many big cities and campuses across the country. Even if the election would have went in Clinton’s favor, protests from Trump’s support would’ve erupted. It was a lose lose situation. The protesters do not like how Trump says things and do not like his plans for the country. Minorities made up a chunk of the groups along with LGBT and whites alike. Although the protests were a given, no one thought they would get to the caliber they have reached. Trump’s supporters were originally thought to be the more violent of the two, but the anti-Trump protests put that theory to the test. Since the beginning of time protests have for the most part got out of hand, these were no different.

      Although Trump may have some views that people disagree with, that is no reason to turn to violence. Things got out of hand, so the police of course had to step in. Using things such as flash-bangs and pepper spray, they tried to calm the protests down. This is far from the end of the uprising against Trump, people believe the fight will not end. It is the beginning of long hard step against Trump. Will the protest against Trump end? That question is too hard to answer at this time of his presidency. Let’s all hope that the rest of his presidency runs smoothly and that America gives him a chance.

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