MCHS puts on Once Upon a Mattress


Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

Michigan City High School had its own spin on Princess and a Pea called, Once Upon a Mattress. The main idea of the play that the mean queen has an impossible contest to find a princess for the prince. That impossible test is to stay awake all night without knowing the pea was in the mattress. The cast and crew portrayed the storyline very well and it all came together. The production had been weeks in the making and the crew were excited to finally put it on. The play ran for three days, a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Many working parts had come to together to form this production. Michigan City High School’s own Mr. Puetzer puts on all of the productions with help of course. Ms. Howisen creates the music and Miss Amy helps teach the dances. Not only the actors participating in it, but all of the backstage members as well. In an interview with sophomore Jenna Dawson she stated, “We did wonderful. I’m very proud of the cast.” The play was a musical was a Rodgers and Hammerstein production. It did appear on Broadway for a brief time. Mr. Puetzer truly pulled off another wonderful play. Although the play lost $1600.00, it was a nice play. The Drama department is planning on putting on a female version of The Odd Couple for their next production. Hopefully that play can be as good, or even better, than Once Upon a Mattress.

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