The New President

Jack Smith, News Reporter

The era of Barack Obama’s presidency is now over and the new era of Donald Trump’s is here. While some still say that he is not a “legitimate” president, there is no doubt that he will end up being the forty-fifth President of The United States of America. That is something that will most likely not change.

President Obama said that we should not have already made up our minds about Donald Trump’s Presidency being bad before it is it has even begun. That is not only unfair to President Trump but also to the rest of the American people. If people do not take a optimistic outlook on this then he will have already failed and he will not be able to accomplish anything for this country to further our society and our world standing.

President Trump just had his Inauguration and has been sworn into office. He is now our commander-and-chief not only militarily but also for foreign and domestic affairs. President Trump also has the majority in the House and the Senate, which will give him the ability to pass bills and get anything he needs done, though Congress with less of a push back compared to the previous administration with President Barack Obama. It was very hard for him to get anything accomplished because both sides did not see eye to eye on most of the issues that came up during his presidency.

President Trump is also expecting a few security enhancements to be put into progress. He has received numerous death threats since his election. The one thing that is getting an upgrade is the presidential limo. The “Beast” is the new limo’s name. It is immune to gas attacks and can also counterattack the attacker with weapons of it’s own. It is definitely an upgrade for the president.


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