Athlete of the issue: Madison Evans


Madison Evans dribbling during a game.

Emily Gushrowski , Sports Reporter

Senior, Madison Evans, is captain of the girls’ basketball team at MCHS.

Evans started playing basketball in 4 grade. She enjoyed being involved in sports and physical activity, so her mom signed her up to play.

“I like the competition the sport brings. I’m a competitor, and the rush basketball brings is hard to beat,” said Evans.

Evans is number 3 on the court and is coached by the girl’s high school coach Mike Megyese and is a key part of their team. Being captain, Evans holds the responsibilities of being the leader on and off the court. She keeps the team together through thick and thin. Evans believes that if they are spending time as a team off of the court, they will all form relationships with one another that will make them closer friends and better teammates.

Evans makes sure to stay positive in practices and in their games. She believes that a positive captain helps bring a positive team. A positive team allows them to all be in good spirits and go into their games with good mindsets so that they can focus all of their attentions on their game. Evans tries her best not to get frustrated during their games, because she does not want to see it negatively affect her teammates. Evans usually gets nerves before a game during the National Anthem. She tries to stay focused to rid herself of her nerves.

Her junior year, Evans won the most improved award. She felt very accomplished, because she worked really hard for it. After winning a game, Evans has an unexplainable feeling that drives her to keep trying her best to win the next game she plays. The drive she feels pushes her to keep doing what she is doing.

Through playing basketball, Evans has had a lot of help from her coaches. Coach David Smoot helped her in the gym working on skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing.
Evans has grown in the sport through time. Basketball has been a stress reliever for her through the tough times high school brings. Her favorite memory is when the team beat Crown Point.

Evans is hoping for a sectional title this year. Her hard work and determination will go a long way as she strives for that goal. Evans said, “Playing basketball has made me a leader, but not just on the court, in school as well.”

Off of the court, Evans runs track and is part of the National Honor Society. Track gives her the opportunity to still be competitive even when she is not on the court. Last year Evans went to regionals for track in the 4×100 race. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, watch netflix, and sleep. Throughout high school, her friends have helped her stay focused while entertaining her at the same time. Having friends during her stressful times have helped her keep her mind set on what she is working towards.

Evans future plans are to attend Ball State University to major in something sports related. She hopes to compete in basketball at a collegiate level.

“Playing basketball at a higher level will push me harder than I have ever been pushed before. It will help me become a better player which will better my talent and elevate my game,” Evans said.

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant are the people Evans looks up to most. She wants to thank everyone that has supported her throughout her basketball career.

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