Forming friendships through academics

Farrah Goodall, Feature Reporter

Michigan City High School is home to countless students who are rarely seen without their best friend, and these relationships are used to improve their high school experiences.
Typically, friendships are a result of childhood, interactions in school, or bonds formed through sports.
Senior Brandon Hurt and Junior Allison Ruhe met last year in World History and quickly became friends by talking everyday in school and spending time with each other outside of school. Ruhe believes that “hanging out with a friend or friends outside of school is important because you can become closer with someone when they break out of their school routine.”
Hurt claims that “meeting someone in school and then continuing that friendship outside of the school doors helps me get to know that person and vice versa. They also get to know my family, which keeps us close.”
Juniors Mauriyon Turner and Jayson Murphy have been friends since the first grade and are going on their ten year anniversary as best friends. “Loyalty is what makes a good friend. We are always there for each other when we fall and we have each others’ backs,” said Murphy.
Turner described their friendship as, “We have the type of friendship in which we are together in school and when school is out. A definite friend for life.”
Junior Kylie Filipiak and Senior Paige Smith met several years ago as a result of volleyball when Filipiak was in seventh grade.
“Communication is what keeps friends together. I need someone who is easy to talk to and someone I can trust. I find that with my best friend,” said Filipiak.
Smith mentioned, “Having a best friend is really a positive aspect of my life. I know I always have someone that is there for me to share special memories with.”
There are countless other close friendships throughout MCHS. William Hanyard, junior, said, “I have several friends I do not see very often simply because they live pretty far away. With technology though, it’s easy to text them every day, and it is always fun to catch up on life when we do hang out.”
“There are so many memories with a person that has been my friend for forever, but now lives eight hours away. I would never want to lose sharing those[memories] because we cannot conquer distance challenges. Texting is definitely an easy way to keep up with each other’s lives,” said junior, Marissa Workman.
Workman and Hanyard met in middle school as a result of a mutual interst in basketball. They have continued their friendship, and both continue to play basketball for MCHS.
“It is a lot easier to find time to spend with each other since we have the same schedules. I just cannot get as close with a person that does not understand how busy my schedule really is,” said Workman. “We like the same sport, so Will [Hanyard} are never short of topics to talk about.”
Hurt said, “There are so many different types of friendships I have, but it is nice to have that one best friend that is in my corner that I know I can go to because they understand me.”
Each friendship came about a different way, but they are all based on the same things, communication, loyalty, and making fun memories.

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