Let’s watch: Nerve

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

Based on 2012 novel by Jeanne Ryan, the newly released movie “Nerve,” features Emma Roberts (Vee) and Dave Franco (Ian) as players in a twenty four hour game called Nerve.

Nerve is played with the same concept as truth or dare, but instead it is challenges, or fails and bails. The only rules in this game are that all challenges must be filmed on the player’s phone, not to bail or fail, and “snitches get stitches,” meaning that anyone watching or playing the game cannot go to the police at all.  The game’s catch phrase is “Watchers pay to watch. Players play to win.”

Over the next twenty four hours that the game is played, players attempt to get the most viewers and move into the finals. As each challenge is accepted and completed, players get money deposited right into their bank account and another challenge is given to them.

Vee is first introduced to the game by her best friend Sydney, who is in the running to be in the finals. These two characters are complete opposites, despite being best friends. Vee keeps to herself, while Sydney is outgoing and willing to do almost anything.

After an argument between the two of them about being watcher or a player, Vee decides to change things up by signing up to be a player. Her first dare is to kiss a stranger, but coincidentally, the man she kisses (Ian) is a player as well and the watchers pair them together for future dares.

A major reason why so many watchers wanted to pair them together was Ian’s past with the game. Vee is unknowing of this though and although one of her best friends tells her this information, she is still insistent on finishing the game.

As they go into the city, their dares get more and more extreme and crazy. One example of this is when the pair goes into a high end boutique to try on expensive clothing, then leaving the store when their clothes get stolen. Other crazy dares include Vee letting Ian pick out a tattoo for her and driving a motorcycle blindfolded. Through these dares, Vee begins to let her guard down and become more open to different adventures.

As the finals get closer, the characters are put into more and more danger, as well as their families and close loved ones.

As new details about the game are revealed to Vee and her friends, a new idea to try to get the game shut down is put into action, but this comes with additional risks as well.

More adventures ensue for all characters in the movie. As the movie comes to an end, watchers and players are faced with challenges that seem impossible to figure out.  Vee and Ian must escape.

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