Wednesday morning prayer group brings faith to MCHS

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

Recently, a Wednesday morning prayer group was started outside MCHS. Before school starts a group of students gather around the flagpole to participate in prayer for about fifteen minutes before the first bell.

Forerunner, a local youth group from Michigan City church, Faith City Assembly of God, started the group in September of 2016.

See You at the Pole is an annual day in September when students gather around their school flagpole to pray, read scripture, and worship before school starts. Throughout the country, students participated in the day, and MCHS was no exception.

Senior, Kory Blacksten attends this youth group each week and was a part of the creation of the group.

Blacksten said, “The Wednesday morning prayer group is a great opportunity to start the day off right and it sets the tone of how the rest of the day will be.”

The decision to continue the prayer group after September was unanimous.

“I do not remember who it was, but someone said, ‘We should do this every week’,” after this, many people agreed that it was a good idea to continue, “so we started doing it every week,” said the youth pastor of Forerunner, and leader of the prayer group, Stephen Lehman.

Despite the group not getting a lot of attention yet, Lehman is hopeful, “We have not gotten tons of attention yet, but I know people are asking questions.”

Students also had the idea to join together with the schools’ bible study group in hopes of expanding their numbers and the amount of students they reach throughout the school. One of the ways they hope to do this is by attempting to join and collaborate with the schools bible study group, lead by math teacher, Brian Parker.

The group is not exclusive to just members of the youth group; all students interested are more than welcome to come up and join at any given time.

Senior, Samantha Chappell, is not a member of this youth group but said, “Going to the prayer group for the first time was not like I imagined. I do not attend the church that started it, but they made me feel included as if I do. Prayer in the morning gets me so pumped to take on everything for that day. We pray for everyone in the school and for world wide situations. It’s such a positive way to start my morning.”

For any students that may be interested in joining the youth group in charge of the prayer circle, Forerunner meets every Wednesday evening at seven at Faith City.

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