MCHS cheerleading: spreading positive vibes for athletic teams

Megan Grams, Sports reporter

The MCHS cheerleading team is a very dedicated group of girls that love to contribute to the uplifting spirits at each game they attend. The cheerleading team puts a lot of work in during their season to prepare for their  competitions in February. The hard work they put in does not go unnoticed though, when cheering for basketball and football games everyone can see the hard work they put in through their stunts and tumbling.

Official cheerleading competition season starts in February. 

Throughout this high school season the cheerleading team has acquired some challenging new stunts and routines, but they have overcome the challenges and have perfected the stunts and routines.  “I love being on the cheerleading team because I love the feeling of getting a stunt or routine correct for the first time,” said Freshman Bridget Mark.

The girls on the team love contributing to the atmosphere at every game they attend and they look forward to contributing to the positive vibes. “I love the atmosphere that is created by the crowd and the other girls on the team,” said Senior Sara SiegmundWhether a team is winning or losing, the MCHS cheerleading team always tries to keep up the positive vibes throughout the student section and for the team. 

I love the positive vibes that come from not only our cheerleading team, but also the teams we cheer for.”

— Freshman Mackenzie Corneilson


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