Music affects communities around the world

Music affects communities around the world

Emily Gushrowski and Destiny Harvel, Sports Reporter and Feature Reporter

Over time, music has become an important part of many cultures. Music can give an understanding of cultural heritage and teach people about the past and present cultures. In many cultures, music has brought people together, for celebrations like weddings, religious ceremonies, and other parties.

For example, in Hawaii, traditional music links to their traditional way of dancing. Ancient Hawaiian folk music was used for many things, such as to give praise to gods and goddesses, as well as telling mythological stories. This music is used in Hawaii’s festivals and other celebratory events. Some of their religious ceremonies include dancing and chanting with the music. One instrument that has become important to their culture is the ukulele, a traditional instrument played by many Hawaiians.

Another place that music has become an important part of society is India. India has various string and wind instruments, as well as different kinds of drums and cymbals. The sitar is one of North India’s most popular musical instruments. This instrument has a long neck with twenty metal frets and six to seven main cords. Hindustani, a form of classical music, originated in North India. India also has Filmi music, which is the music used in their movies. The Hindu film industry, Bollywood, produces musicals that feature elaborate song and dance numbers using this filmi music.

Over centuries, China has made many developments in music as well as invented many instruments. China’s traditional music is used for rites and rituals in their culture. In their culture, people function according to this ritual and ceremonial music. They also use music as a way of being governed.

Italy has played a significant role in the history of European music. Many instruments were invented in Italy, such as the piano and the violin. The opera originated in Italy, as well as many other classical music forms. Italian folk music has provided diverse music styles and instruments that have become a big part of the country’s musical heritage. This folk music has also been a way for people in Italy to express local identity and address cultural, political, and social issues.

Africa’s culture uses music to communicate, pass literature, and welcome heroes. Their hymns and other genres of music are often used to create the mood or feeling for different occasions. Music is used in the dancing, storytelling, and religious practices that Africans participate in their everyday life. This music brings together groups of people as they dance and celebrate during their celebrations.

Ireland is another country that has many traditional music genres. They have received musical influence from Britain and the United States, however, Irish traditional music has kept many of its own elements. Ireland has written thousands of songs and ballads in their language before they began writing ballads in English. Ireland’s traditional folk music is part of their national heritage. One instrument that originated in Ireland is the harp. This was one of their ancient and most popular instruments and was featured in many early myths and legends.

In the ancient Greek world, a wide range of instruments were used to perform music in dancing, religious ceremonies, festivals, weddings, funerals, and athletic activities. Music was also used in Greek education and dramatic performances such as plays and recitals. Greek gods were associated with specific instruments. Athena was associated with the flute and Hermes the iyre. During the study of music in Greece, Pythagoras, believed that music was a mathematical expression of the cosmic order.

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