Let’s Read: The Fifth Wave

Megan Grams, Sports reporter

The Fifth Wave is a science fiction novel written by Rick Yancey. In the novel, aliens seek to take refuge on Earth in 5 waves. In the first wave, an EMP destroys all of Earth’s electronics, rendering their technology useless.
In the second wave, a bar is sent down, causing total destruction to the coastlines around the world.
In the third wave, the “others” send down a virus believed to be related to the Ebola string; this wave wipes out more than 7 billion people.
During the fourth wave, the remaining humans figure out that the aliens are using the humans as host bodies. The fifth wave is just starting to happen in the book.
Cassie Sullivan believes she may be the only human left on Earth, but she does not know how wrong she is. During the fourth wave, soldiers come to take the children, assuring that they would come back for the rest of them later. Ironically, the soldiers who rescued her brother, Sammy, and the rest of the children, shot and killed the rest of the adults at the refugee camp with her. Cassie, managing to escape, ventures out on her own.
With Cassie’s promise to Sammy weighing on her shoulders, she tries to survive in this new world. However, she is shot in the leg by an alien host that she refers to as a Silencer. Cassie, with blood loss, is dying. A young farm boy named Evan saves Cassie just in time. However, Cassie has a suspicion that Evan is a Silencer.
Ben Parrish is living within a refugee camp when he comes down with the virus. Just as Ben accepted the fact he was going to die, the camp is raided by soldiers taking the refugees to a military base. Ben becomes very depressed, but Vosch, the camp’s commander, talks to him and gives him a reason to fight. Ben, now a changed man, is a sergeant going out on his first mission. To help keep his bravery, he remembers a trainee in his squad named ‘Nugget’.
Ben figures out from one of his squad members that the people at the military base have been lying to them and have actually been trying to kill them. It was only when Ben discovers a sniper trying to kill them he believes the claim. With this plot twist, Ben refuses to leave Nugget behind at the military base. Cassie and Evan start their journey to rescue Sammy.
Cassie sneaks into the military base and into the bunker where Sammy is. Trying to escape with him, she runs into Ben and, although he is weary of her, he decides to help her.Evan helps the trio escape, but stays back to destroy the base. The circumstances at hand fill the reader with suspense.

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