A day in the life of a high school gymnast

Megan Gushrowski competes in the floor exercise.

Megan Gushrowski competes in the floor exercise.

Emily Gushrowski , Sports Reporter

MCHS senior, Megan Gushrowski has a busy life when it comes to battling school and gymnastics each day of the week.

Like most teenagers, Gushrowski’s day starts off early with going to school.  She puts in a lot of effort in the classroom before her focus turns to practice in the afternoon.

“It is hard to sit through seven hours a day at school, and then have to go straight to practice,” said Gushrowski.

Gushrowski takes advantage of the down time at school to get a head start on her homework for the night.  Right after school, she heads to the training room to get her ankle taped and then proceeds to Platinum Gymnastics for the next three hours.

When she arrives home, Gushrowski eats dinner, takes a shower, and finishes some of her homework that did not get done previously.  Her hard work at school allows her to come home without the stress of a huge homework load.

“I have to manage my time wisely and do not waste time at school, because I have gymnastics right after,” Gushrowski said.

To ensure that she is well rested, Gushrowski goes to bed at a decent time each night and tries to sleep in as late as she can. She prepares herself for the next day the night before to save her time in the morning before school, which allows her to sleep in.

“I pack my stuff for the gym the night before and gather up my school things to make sure everything is organized. I like to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about packing a lunch or bag,” said Gushrowski.

Gushrowski has been doing gymnastics all four years in high school and is looking forward to the upcoming sectional. She has high hopes for the post season, however, she takes one day at a time to balance her school work and time spent in the gym.

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