Should MCHS Update Dress for Success?

Sydney Merrill

Students at Michigan City High School typically abide by a dress code, Dress for Success, that consists of collared shirts with very few colors to choose from. But, should the dress code be expanded to allow a wider array of colored shirts?

When the topic of dress codes come up, there are many different lines of thought. Some believe that a dress code levels the playing field for students to learn comfortably without distractions, and others believe that it limits creativity and the freedom to express their personality.

“I like the dress code. Since it was put in place, I have seen students become more engaged in their work, and more willing to participate with their peers. Some kids only have a few sets of clothes, but since they are not immensely detailed, no one will know they they don’t have five duplicates,” said MCHS teacher Lucas Snyder.

Solid colored, collared shirts can be found in an array of hues, but only in two colors and three shades on MCHS students.

When following the Dress for Success policy, students are limited to a mere five colors for shirts, and in the art world, three of these are not even considered real colors; black, grey, and white are all shades. This is a measly amount, especially considering the fact that the average human eye can see roughly 7,000,000 different colors.

“Students should be allowed more color options for shirts because it will make students feel that their clothing is more expressive and less constraining,” said Sophomore Julia Miller.

The current Dress for Success colors follow the school colors, but since the school has been receiving a makeover with all of the student made murals, why shouldn’t the students be able to wear more colors?

“I don’t see why we couldn’t wear pink polos to school. What does it hurt?” said Sophomore Grace Wyness.

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