James “Mad Dog” Mattis appointed as SOD

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

Trump is the new president of the United States. There is no denying that, a lot of controversy has been surrounding his choices for his new cabinet.
The choice he made for Secretary of Defense was no other than James ¨Mad Dog” Mattis.
The name speaks for itself, a person does not get the nickname Mad Dog for no reason.
Trump surpassed the short 7-year ban on selecting retired officers for the head seat of the Pentagon. Mattis spent the end of his career as the head of U.S. Central Command, which spanned from 2010 to 2013.
Mattis is currently the 26 United States Secretary of Defense. He has also since been a United States Marine Corps general.
At 66 years old, he was born on September 8, 1950 in Pullman, WA. Mattis is known for his brute techniques, hence the nickname ¨Mad Dog¨.
Mattis can definitely back up his name with facts. He obtained this name from his courageous and wild decision on the battlefield.
In 1991 he lead troops into the Persian Gulf War and into Afghanistan in the early 2000’s. Also in 2004 he led a brigade against Iraqi insurgents.
He embraces the nickname and even makes remarks that strengthen it. When talking about the Taliban in a panel discussion he said, ¨…it’s fun to shoot people.¨
Mattis ¨celebrated¨ his first day in office by dropping 31 bombs on ISIS. Whether this is good or bad, Mattis surely has more up his sleeve.
Is Mattis the weapon this country needs to defeat terrorism? Only time will tell for that answer.

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