NFL teams on the move

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

Teams. Players. Coaches. All are forever changing in the huge game of chess that is the National Football League.

Some teams looking for the glory of winning a Super Bowl have struggled to produce a Super Bowl win.
A few teams in particular believe that the best way towards achieving success is to move their franchises to another location.
The St. Louis Rams now known as the Los Angeles Rams made the move to a new city in 2016 and the San Diego Chargers who felt Los Angeles was also the place for them to call home, followed their lead. The San Diego Chargers, are now known as the Los Angeles Chargers.
This was not a far move considering San Diego and LA are both in California. This decreases the opportunity for the Chargers to lose as much of their fan base as say a team moving states.
The Chargers decided the move was a good idea as they finished 5-11 and at the bottom of their division. Hoping for a fresh start and a way to win more games, the front office thought this was the right move to make.
The LA Rams however dropped from a 2015 season of 7-9 in St. Louis, to a disappointing 4-12 in LA in 2016. This could be due to the young and inexperienced quarterback Jared Goff, or the move itself.
The Chargers hope for a much different fate with their faith behind their veteran quarterback Philip Rivers.
The next team to get an offseason move is the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders have decided to make the move to Nevada. Their new home is the one and only Sin City, otherwise known as Las Vegas.
Their circumstances were different however., they were coming off one of the best seasons in recent Raider history.
The move was unexpected by most and was upsetting to some of the Raiders fan base.

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