Logan becomes a box office success

Dalin McCully , Feature Reporter

The X-Men franchise film, Logan, was released in theaters on March 3, 2017.

The film marked the final installment of the Wolverine trilogy. Logan was deemed a box office success and the most successful film compared to the prior movies by generating $85.3 million on the opening weekend.

The film was advertised for months prior to its release and in anticipation of opening night fans took to various forms of social media  with articles and posts about the films plot and possible spoilers.

After nearly a decade the movie also marked the highly esteemed star, Hugh Jackman’s last screen appearance as the Marvel Comics book character, Wolverine. The movie was also the last time Co-star Patrick Stewart would play Professor X, an iconic character who has been portrayed in various X-Men films.

The film took place in 2029 during a time when mutants are threatened with extinction and Logan must care for an ailing Professor X near the Mexican border. Logan, however, faces problems of his own, being that he has aged greatly and lost his healing power due to his metal fused bones. His years of rest are interrupted when he receives a disturbing call from a woman to help an extraordinary young girl with unique powers to safety. Logan is now tasked to save and care for the girl, who is his cloned daughter, X-23(Laura Kinney). His mission is to save his daughter, while battling villains from his past returning to reap vengeance.

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