Oscars mishap shocks public

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

The Academy Awards have been an event that people from all over the world have tuned into for 89 years. This year was no different; with all of the celebrities, paparazzi, and lots of others attended. All was well and awards were being given left and right to the best in each category. What seemed like to be proceeding as a flawless night would soon take a terrible turn that no one could have foreseen.

It all began with the second to last award of the night, Best Actress, which went to La La Land star Emma Stone. Then came the award everyone was waiting for, Best Picture. Faye Dunaway and her co-presenter Warren Beatty took the stage to announce the winner. The problem was, the Best Picture card was never handed to them, they still had the one that said Emma Stone, La La Land. There was a faint moment when Beatty glares at the card for a moment or two longer than normal. It was easy to tell that he noticed that something was wrong. The card was unfortunately still passed to Dunaway, who instinctively read off the title of the movie Stone starred in which was La La Land. It was not a shocker to much of the audience seeing that La La Land had won many awards earlier in the night. But the mistake was made, comparative to Steve Harvey’s misread at the Miss Universe pageant. They came out a few moments later to correct the mistake, but the whole La La Land cast had already come up on the stage. They were celebrating for an award they did not win. Moonlight, another film that was nominated for it was the actual winner. This could possibly be considered to some one of the worst mishaps in the history of the Oscars.

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