Let’s watch: Me Before You

Destiny Harvel, Feature Reporter

In the 2016 movie, Me Before You, an unlikely romance forms between a recently paralyzed man, Will Traynor, played by Sam Claflin, and his caregiver, Louisa Clark, played by Emilia Clarke.

Will was once a highly admired and successful man. He was adventurous and constantly on the move, until a tragic accident left him paralyzed from the neck down.

Lou has hopped from job to job for a long time and is recently unemployed from a bakery, that is, until she becomes Will’s caregiver in hopes to help her family with their money troubles.

Jump forward in Will’s story two years later, and his mother is searching for another caregiver for him. For a while, Will has not been able to keep a steady caretaker. His anger and continuous jokes have driven many away, but Lou’s optimism and quirky sense of style draw Will in from the moment she walked into his room.

Despite the fact that Will can be a tough person to handle sometimes, Lou takes on the task with great enthusiasm. She soon learns that there is also a nurse, Nathan, who also takes care of him, though, and Lou questions why she is even there in the first place.

You are pretty much the only thing that makes me wanna get up in the morning.”

— Will Traynor

During this time she spends with Will each day, Lou learns of some secret plans that he has within the next six months and confronts his parents about them. From this information she begins to make special plans for the two of them to liven up his daily life and encourage him to cheer up. As she shows him different parts of the world, he introduces her to things as well, such as subtitled movies and his family-owned castle.

While both of them are enjoying these adventures, troubles arise from them as well. Lou’s boyfriend continues to get jealous of the time they are spending together and their relationship becomes increasingly awkward.

After a birthday party held for Lou, and an incredible gift from Will, tensions are raised even more, leading to a breakup for Lou.

Through all of these things, Will and Lou begin to fall for each other and the hope of saving Will is more and more important.

After an emotional vacation for Will and Lou, his parents are more emotionally distraught than ever and Lou thinks it is her fault.

Many tragic events and heartbreaks later, Lou  is able to find peace with Will’s decisions in his life and learns that, despite him not being in her life, he will always be in her heart.

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