White rhino killed in France

Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

News from France this week: yet another animal has been murdered. The victim of the crime was none other than Vince the white rhino. This time, this incident happened overseas at the Thoiry Zoo in France. The men or women that committed this crime broke into the zoo after hours and shot Vince in the head three times while he slept. This event truly shocked the community and the police are investigating the homicide.

The reason is clear as to why the poachers felt the need to end a life. Rhinos possess a precious piece that get poachers’ mouths watering. The rhino’s horn is the number one reason why rhinos get poached, and Vince’s horn was the poacher’s prize. After he was killed while in a slumber, they chainsawed his prized horn off. The four-year-old white rhino was not close to natural death, which is why people are angry that he was killed. As of late, more and more animals have been getting poached. Animals get poached everyday in the wild, but this is one of the first instances where the poachers were brave enough to go for a zoo animal. This means that zoos and other animal facilities must now take heavier precautions to protect their animals. Tighter restrictions could be a new solution to be instituted for poachers that get caught. Efforts are being made to stop these crimes.

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