Hyperloop One begins testing

Erik Hultgren, News Reporter

Elon Musk is one of the brightest young minds in the world of technology. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO is constantly in the news, and has been involved in many business endeavors from tunnel-boring to launching rockets. One of Musk’s most ambitious ideas to date is called the Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is Musk’s futuristic vision for Earth’s infrastructure, which is based on the use of underground railways. People could travel on the Hyperloop through pods which are accelerated through a low-pressure tube. Although the Hyperloop is no longer associated with Musk, his ambition and innovation can be felt in the project, officially named ‘Hyperloop One’. The Hyperloop has most recently been in the news due to the beginning of a full-scale test track in Nevada. The test track is known as the DevLoop and was revealed at the Middle East Rail conference in Dubai. “Our team of more than 150 engineers, technicians and fabricators have been transforming what was, just over five months ago, a barren stretch of desert, into a hive of activity and now home to the world’s first full-scale Hyperloop test site,” said Josh Giegel, the president of engineering and co-founder of Hyperloop One. In addition to this, public testing of the Hyperloop is set to happen in the first half of 2017 according to the company. All these tests are in preparation for Hyperloop One’s first commercial installation, which would span from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

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