Tips for the AP Test

Dalin McCully, Feature Reporter

The beginning of May marks the time for AP tests for MCHS students.

A decent population of students at MCHS are enrolled in AP(Advanced Placement) classes with which the curricula of these classes are directed toward the AP exam at the end of the course. Should the students pass the exam with an acceptable score by the college in which they plan to attend, they will receive credit for the class.

The AP exams are known to be very challenging and require an immense amount of preparation. Here are some tips that can be used by the students in order to ensure their success in May.

  1. Avoid studying the night before the test.

Doing so will not ensure an excellent score. The key to success on any exam is long term preparation. This means that months or weeks before the test should be used for studying and reviewing. This way the information will be in one’s long term memory and the probability of not retaining information is much less likely.

  1. Preview the content of the test

When test day arrives, preview the content of the exam before beginning. This allows the student to clearly know what to look for and expect, especially when reading a passage. Scan for terms that seem familiar and look for those terms when answering.

  1. Think of the answer before looking at the choices

Multiple choice sections of the test are prone to have answers that are apparently incorrect or difficult to choose from. After reading the question, cover the choices and think about what the answer may be before choosing. If possible, choose the answer that is closest to the answer already in mind.

  1. Answer what is already known

When stuck on a question, try marking it for later reference and continue to complete the rest of the test. It is more advisable to answer the questions one already knows instead of spending too much time on questions that are more difficult. This will allow the student to conserve time much better and possibly score higher as a result.

  1. Conserve time

Test proctors will typically notify students of how much time remains for the exam. However, if a student monitors the time on their own as well they will be enabled to pace themselves better.


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