MCHS students struggle on the first day


Emily Gushrowski, Feature Writer

When the first day of school rolls around, it is hard for teens to remember the simple things that play into a day of high school and the bad things they want to prevent from happening. No matter how hard a teen tries to make the first day go as smooth as possible, sometimes they just cannot help when something goes wrong.

15 things that can go wrong on the first day of school:

  1. Being late to class.
  2. Waking up late.
  3. Walking into the wrong class.
  4. A student finds out that his friend dropped the class they had together.
  5. Schedule getting changed.
  6. Lunch hour is too crowded.
  7. Forgetting to do the summer homework.
  8. Not being able to drop an AP class.
  9. Not knowing the material the teacher describes.
  10. Falling asleep in class.
  11. Not finding lockers.
  12. Lockers being completely out of way.
  13. Not having the same lunch hour as a friend.
  14. Locker combination did not work.
  15. Forgetting chromebook or not having one.


MCHS students share their first day struggle(s):

Senior Jessica Delgado “I am stressed becuase I took too many AP classes this year.”

Senior Molly Heath “I could not find my locker.  I could not open my locker. I almost tripped and fell in the hallway, and I sat in the wrong class for 20 minutes.”

Junior Riley Shreve “I parked in the wrong parking spot for three days.”

Junior Mya Methner “I basically have not been accustomed to waking up early all summer, so on the first day I fell asleep in my classes.”

Junior Hannah Noveroske “My chromebook died.”

Junior Emily Rhodes “My schedule got changed, and now I do not have class with some of my friends.”

Junior Alex Pomeroy “A friend of mine dropped an AP class that we were supposed to have together, and it was sort of a bummer, because it was the only class we had together.”

Junior Brianne Norman “I woke up late the first day of school.  I told myself the night prior that I was going to be more organized and get my sleep schedule back on track.  That obviously did not happen because I woke up an hour later than I meant to.  I had to rush to get ready to at least look presentable.  Also, I almost forgot my chromebook.  After all of that, all I could think was ‘Wow! What a great start to a new school year!’”

Freshman Lydia Heitman “I got lost.”

Freshman Luke Heitman “I was trying to open the wrong locker.”



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