Harvey tears into Texas

Jack Smith, News Editor

Hurricane Harvey hit land in Texas over the weekend and ravaged a path of destruction along the coast of Texas as well as inland. People were killed and homes were obliterated.

Hurricane Harvey hit land on Friday, August 25. Harvey was a category four hurricane and it first made landfall over Corpus Christi, Texas. There was severe damage in much of the area as well as flooding that destroyed even more than the initial storm. Some people are still waiting to be rescued from their homes. Unfortunately, five people lost their lives while dozens of others have been injured.

Throughout all of the tragedies that have happened in Texas, people have set up funds to help those who were affected. One of which was set up by J.J. Watt, a Houston Texans football player. His team was away at a preseason game when the storm hit. When he heard about the devastation that occurred, he immediately jumped into action. J.J. Watt donated 100,000 dollars of his own money to help rebuild. Other efforts, such as the Red Cross, have been busy helping in any way possible.

Throughout the entire event, the people of Texas and people from all around the country have come together in an effort to help each other. The comradery that has been shown in the last few days has been remarkable, and it really shows that even through the difficult times with social and political issues, that people deal with, they are able to still come together for a common goal. Right now, that is conquering the mess Hurricane Harvey created.

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