Bon Appétit


Riley Shreve enjoys frozen yogurt

Erik Hultgren, News Reporter

Less than a year after Michigan City High School’s renovation of its cafeteria, improvements are still being added.

Starting the school year the right way can be very important, and with the beginning of the 17-18 year MCHS students have been given something to be excited about in their lunch hours. There has been an addition of a frozen yogurt machine in the third line lunch.

The cafeteria’s renovation began last October and is now in its final phase. The first phase most notably consisted of the relocation of and installation of updated serving lines, while the second phase included the addition of new tables and the removal of the old ones. Both phases one and two presented solutions to problems that had plagued the student body at lunch every day for years, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

As popular as the changes in the first two phases were however, the third phase is likely to appeal to students the most.

The addition of a frozen yogurt machine has added a new element to an ever-improving menu offered by Michigan City’s cafeteria.

“It’s flippin’ tasty,” exclaimed junior Riley Shreve when asked about the new dessert. Tyler Siegmund, also a junior, said that he liked the yogurt with the exception of one aspect:

“It’s very cold. One bite, and I had a brain freeze.”

Both students went on to say that although the treat is not an everyday purchase for them, they do like to enjoy it from time to time.

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