The Den debut


Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

The first home Michigan City football game was two weeks ago at Ames Field. When football season rolls around, school spirit starts to arise in most students. This means that the annual student section, “The Den,” is created by the students. The first game was played against Griffith High School and the Den was present. Every game there is a theme picked. That game happened to be a whiteout, but there are various different themes that the den leader can pick. Every year a leader is picked to lead the Den at all the events that people attend. The leader then picks a successor after his senior year is over. There are two leaders this year. Seniors, Eli Schoof and Savion Dumortier will be the leading the Den this year. They look to make the Den very exciting and fun for the students attending the sporting events. There seems to be the most attendance in the student section for the sport seasons of football and basketball, but the Den has appeared at other athletic events as well. Sophomore, Tyler Cuma said, “I attended many athletic events during my freshman year and sat in the student section many of those times. I am very excited to return to the Den this year.” The Den is great way for students to show off their school spirit and cheer on their fellow classmates. 

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