MCHS welcomes Kendall Martin


Martin quickly types on his computer during a break in between student meetings

Farrah Goodall, Editor in Chief

Kendall Martin, the new K-12 College and Career Readiness Coordinator at MCHS, has a new energy and a lot of ideas and resources that he is bringing to students to ensure that they graduate high school with a plan for their future.

Martin graduated from Merrillville High School in 2000 and bounced around colleges picking up several different degrees along the way and even is currently finishing up his Doctorate Degree.  He was not sure of what he wanted to do when he started college, and it cost him time, money, and opportunities. Martin does not want other students to go through the same struggles as him, and that is why he is excited about this new position that he is filling at MCHS. Martin said, “My long-term goal is to use the new energy that myself and the new administrative team is bringing to MCHS and channel it into making the district have a college-going culture. My favorite part about my job is the student interaction, and I want to help them in every way I can to succeed in the future.”

Martin started putting his plan into action before school even started, with a college summer camp for upcoming seniors. The camp consisted of four days of essential college information and even a campus tour of DePaul University in Chicago. Martin plans to keep this program going each year along with other great resources for students at MCHS. Early this September, seniors will be attending a scholarship fair in hopes of gaining valuable information and maybe even a scholarship on the spot. There also will be a first-time ever “College Signing Celebration” to congratulate and recognize all the seniors attending college at the end of the year. “There is a national signing day for athletes, which is great, but I just thought that graduating high school and moving on to the next step is a great accomplishment for students, and it deserves to be congratulated as well,” Martin said.  

Martin poses in his office

Martin plans to stay at MCHS for quite a few years in order to meet his goals as a the K-12 College and Career Readiness Coordinator. He would also like to participate in coaching at MCHS, and eventually retire to become a professor at a university. MCHS welcomes Martin and is excited about what he has in store for students.

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