Students paint their parking spots

Morgan Skonieczny posing in front of her newly painted parking spot.

Morgan Skonieczny posing in front of her newly painted parking spot.

Reagan Lowry, Reporter

Under the new administration, Principle Candy Van Buskirk decided to refresh the normal parking situation. In past years, students at Michigan City High School have been able to pay under $20 and have been able to park wherever they want. Now, in the student lot it is much different, it was a bit more expensive, however the price has its perks. Students were assigned specific parking spots. Many students were very skeptical on how they felt about the assigned lots at the beginning, but that all changed.

On Monday, August 28, Michigan City High School students had the opportunity to express their individuality and show off their personality by decorating their specific parking spots. The students were able to bring paint and design their spots between 5 pm to 8pm that night. Not only were they able to show their artistic abilities and creativity, but it was a fun event for all because the administration provided Domino’s pizza for everyone who participate. A lot of hard work was put into the spots, and students loved the chance to show their creativity. 

Senior Kelsey Pearson said “I am excited that we got this opportunity. I feel like it gave us a chance to show who we really are. We got to add our personal touch. It was so much fun, and everyone looked so happy and was so into it.”

Not only did students get the chance to express their individuality, but they do not have to show up as early to school, now, because they are guaranteed a parking spot.  This new tactic brought on by the new administration shows promise for a bright future for  Michigan City High School. 

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