Artists of October

Farrah Goodall, Editor in Chief

Senior Elizabeth LaFollette and junior Katie Swistek are working on another beautiful mural for the walls of Michigan City. Their mural is located in the cafeteria and features creative aspects from both artists as well as a quote meant to uplift students every time they read it and admire the painting. LaFollette said, “Every brushstroke we put on the mural was carefully thought out. We wanted every part of it to be intentional, so that it would put out the most positive message it possibly could.”

Swistek and LaFollette are both students of Mrs. Cleveland’s art class at MCHS. “Even on my worst days, I always find the energy to do something when I walk into Mrs. Cleveland’s room. Her room just has an energy that feeds off of good artwork, and I love to contribute to it,” said LaFollette.

¨Art is important to me, because it makes me be stress free and I just focus on painting.  It do whatever I want to do. The mural not only lets me participate in something I love, but also allows me to use a quote that I saw in my English class and knew it needed to be used around the school,” Swistek said.

Both LaFollette and Swistek encourage other students to use their mural as inspiration for their own art or for their own lives in general. LaFallotte said, “People will always have something to say about something they would have done differently, but if you’re proud of your work don’t let them make you second guess yourself. Artist’s integrity is only as strong as the artist’s confidence in their work.”

Swistek seconded that by saying, “It doesn’t matter what other people think about your work, it only matters to you in the end.  No one can change your artwork, only you can. Don’t get discouraged in your art.”

LaFollette and Swistek are just another example of the excellent students that MCHS has a pleasure of pushing to their potential.


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