Get Your Life in Order

Megan Lynn Mullins, Business Manager

As the first quarter ends students may become overwhelmed with stress.  Although many students  are intelligent and have the capability to maintain exceptional grades they seem to struggle in the area of organization, losing papers and having an overwhelming amount of materials seems to influence their grades and prevent a student who deserves an A from receiving it.

Bella Pelath a Junior at MCHS said “For years I struggled to maintain my 4.0 gpa due to the fact that I could not keep my papers together and would lose work and my notes. I soon gained the skills of organization and my grades became steady and my 4.0 came easily.”

The most common organizational skills used in MCHS are binders for every class, color tabs, locker organizers and a planner. The binders and notebooks used for every class give the students the chance to hold all the papers for one class together and also room for handwritten notes that allow them to condense materials The color tabs allow the students to keep track of pages that they need that contain important information. Locker organizers keep their books and binders in place assuring that nothing is lost in the depths of their lockers. Planners seem to be the students favorite though with being able to keep their assignments together and their grades on track.

Maria Dunn a Senior at MCHS said “I have always used a planner to keep my assignments organized because without my planner I would probably forget every assignment I was ever given.”

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