Irma Creates Terror

Megan Lynn Mullins , Business Manager

The monstrous category 5 storm Imra has made landfall flattening islands leaving them virtually desolate and uninhabitable. With wind speeds up to 185 miles per hour flattening a good percentage of the islands of St. Barts leaving a death toll of 8 that is expected to rise as the ruble is uncovered and cleaned up. The category 5 storm is soon expected to hit the British territory islands of Turks and Caicos leaving nothing but a path of death and rubble in its path. The storm is predicted to stay strong until mid next week. Irma is following closely behind Harvey a category 4 storm that left havoc on the coast of texas, leaving uncontrollable flood and property damage beyond belief. If Imra follows on its current path and makes landfall in the U.S state of Florida it will be the first time in recorded history that two storms with a size and strength of category 4 or over has landed on U.S soil in such a short time period.

Kelsey Pearson, a Senior at MCHS, said “ These storms are devastating, watching the wreckage on television is so upsetting knowing all of the children that are left without a home or their belongings and all of the animals that were left behind. I hope the people in Florida can evacuate before storm touches down.” With the devastation that took place programs such as American Red Cross are asking for volunteering and supplies to provide relief for those in distress.      

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