MCHS becomes a “B” school


Reagan Lowry, Reporter


Michigan City High School has come a long way in the past 7 years, improving test scores, and increasing the graduation rate are just a few ways MCHS has been improved. The 2011 MCHS graduation rate was 85%, and the Indiana average graduation rate was 86%. As of 2015 the MCHS graduation rate went up to 88%, while the Indiana graduation rate average was 87%. The improvements didn’t stop there.
MCHS has received a B rating according to the Indiana’s A to F school rating scale. Senior Kenny Recktenwall said, “Class work is harder than it has been in the past, and sometimes I do struggle but the difficult work has prepared me for the required tests that I need to graduate. I had teachers like Mrs. Handley and Mrs. Beglin in 10th grade who were my English teachers. They pushed me every single day and prepared us for the ECA that we had to take at the end of the year. Teachers like them are the reason our school is improving so much. They genuinely care about their students. I feel like many of the teachers here are like that as well, they don’t allow us to slack off even when we have our bad days. It’s no surprise to me that we received a B, especially with our A+ teachers.”
When asked about how Michigan City High School moved from an F to a B, Principal Candy Vanbuskirk said it best. “I think it all started with Superintendent Dr. Barbara Eason-Watkins and Assistant Superintendent Wendel McCollum. They were both instrumental in turning this school system around. Last year, we barely missed becoming a “B” rated school. This year, however we are not only a “B” but we are almost four percent higher.”
Of course the next step is to become an “A” rated school and when asked about that Principal Vanbuskirk had very positive things to say. “I-STEP is one of the major components on the rating. The more kids that take the test, as well as pass the test, the better the school will score. Graduation is another big thing and if the graduation rate increases than our rating will climb even more.”
With the school progressing the way it is, only good things can happen. The teachers at MCHS have contributed hard work and dedication into preparing the students for the government scored tests. They work very hard every day so that all of the students are college ready, and are able to meet the graduation requirements. Principle of Biomedical Science and Human Body Systems teacher at MCHS, Ashley Zahrt said, “I think teachers setting higher expectations in the classroom motivated students to work harder to meet those expectations. I’ve seen a lot of teachers take time during their lunch and after school to sit with students and help students finish assignments and answer any question the students may have. With there being more AP and Dual Credit courses students have pushed themselves more to perform better in classes and prepare them for careers and college in the future.”
Michigan City High School celebrated the news of becoming a B rated school by hanging up cut out animated pictures of bumble bees around each of the hallways throughout the high school. The rating reflects how hard Michigan City High School has been working to try and better the school. The school is on the rise to a bigger and brighter future for the students, staff, and school system.

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