NFL Ratings Continue to Drop

Nathan Jones , Reporter and Computer Tech

After multiple weeks of players and coaches kneeling during the national anthem many viewers and patrons of the NFL are no longer tuning into the games on Sundays. Ratings have dropped 7 and a half percent in the last two weeks and continues to drop as time goes on.  This is an Unofficial boycott of the NFL by the fans due to the disrespect of the national anthem in protest for social justice.  Some players who have taken a knee during the National Anthem have lost sponsorships and endorsements. Tv provider Direct Tv has begun to offer subscribers refunds on sports packages that included subscription to NFL games that are not played in their area. This weekend will be the fourth week of this going on and the number of players kneeling has been going down from 94 the first week to 11 last week. General Manager of the NFL Roger Goodell made a statement earlier this week saying that all players should stand in respect for our national anthem.  This does not mean all players must stand but the number will most likely decline even more. Though this is now coming to an end there is still many fans that will no longer be supporting the NFL anymore due to the fact that they were given a choice between their favorite sports team and their country. The coming Sunday will most likely mark the end of this protest.

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