MCHS welcomes the class of 2022


8th Graders in Spanish 1

Dalin McCully, Feature Editor

A group of twenty-eight students from Barker Middle School and Krueger Middle School who have shown academic superiority in their schools were chosen to be in a pilot program to introduce students into high school classes early.

The students arrive at MCHS at 7:00 am and attend three classes in the morning, those being Spanish 1, Algebra 1, and Biology.
Principal at MCHS, Candy Van Buskirk, said, “We were looking to (find out) what we can do to really push our high-end students at the middle school level. We have a cohort of students that are academically ready to take high school courses, but we wanted them to stay in their social setting. The way our schedule is set for our students… those who want to take advanced AP courses (such as Calculus BC)… will now be able to take these classes in their senior year.”

For some students the social interaction with their schoolmates in middle school is very important, Selah Van Buskirk said, “I really like that we all travel together and that we have lockers (here as well) and can have breakfast (here) in the morning.”

The students enrolled in the program have all been engaged in their studies. Biology teacher, Andrew Jasicki, said, “These students appear to be excited to be at the high school. They are doing the same work as my other AH classes and are doing well.

Elyanah Goodall said, “(In this class, Algebra 1) I have learned new lessons and ways to approach and solve problems. In the future I can use these aspects in later classes to excel.”

According to teachers participating in the pilot program, the students are on a pathway to academic success
Algebra 1 teacher, James Jepsen, said, “ I hope I am able to help them continue to grow over the years.”

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