Girls Golf: historical season under their belts


Mrs. Poulin

The team poses after they qualified for regionals.

Megan Grams, Sports Editor

The girls golf team had two goals last season. These goals would take dedication, hard work, and teamwork. This past week the Lady Wolves fulfilled this goal at sectionals, leading to school history for Lady Wolves’ golf.

Individually, each girl on the team put in personal work during the summer and during high school season. Whether they practiced with a personal teacher, getting reps in at the golf course, or playing in individual tournaments and leagues over the summer, the girls were working hard to be able to achieve this goal of theirs. Sophomore Sara Poulin said, “What you put in is what you get out. The work definitely pays off.”

The team chemistry had a lot to do with the success during regular season and postseason. Junior Evangelea Dabagia said, “Our team has great chemistry and what made this season so great was how close we had all become.” Dabagia also went on to say, “I think we stand out because we are constantly supporting each other and cheering each other on instead of competing against each other.”

Regular season for the girls had its ups and downs, but every sports team goes through its positives and negatives. Ont of the positive outcomes of the postseason however, was breaking one of their season goals. The Lady Wolves beat LaPorte which was a big confidence booster for the girls. The team also broke 400 this season (team score was under 400 strokes), this was also a major goal the team had achieved this season.

Going into sectionals the girls were nervous, especially with the pressure of possibly making school history. However, the team shook the nerves off and played their hardest.

Their hard work on the course that day paid off because the Lady Wolves placed 3rd at sectionals, advancing onto regionals for the first time in MCHS history.

Emotions were high when they heard Michigan City being called that day. Some tears were shed and some were left completely speechless. Advancing onto regionals meant a lot to the girls and it was a memorable time for them and the experience was something they will not forget. Freshman Lia Thomas said, “We have all worked hard to achieve our goal of getting out of sectionals this year and it feels so good that we accomplished it.”

Preparing for regionals was more of a personal preparation the team. The girls went out and practiced whenever they could to work out the tiny kinks within their game or they just went out and got reps in at the course to keep them loose for Saturday. The girls also played at multiple different courses, which benefitted them and helped them adapt to unfamiliar courses that they might play on at Battleground.

The team bonded a lot within the week between sectionals and regionals which helped them connect more and relax a little before regionals. Down at regionals, the team had a small girls night the day before competition to relax a little, have some fun, and make some new memories.

When the morning came around and the girls headed out to go tee off at regionals, the emotions were everywhere. Some were relaxed, some were nervous, some were excited to be there, and some of the girls were a mix of everything. The day had its ups and downs, but the team made it through the day and will reflect on this experience for next season. The experience at regionals was one the team will not forget and it is a huge learning experience for the young team.

Since this season had so much success within it, it will become a huge confidence booster for the girls physical and mental game. More or so the mental game because golf relies so much on the mental part of someone’s game. Once the team saw and realized the potential that the team had, the next season goals had been amplified and made more challenging. Saying this, after seeing the team’s own success, the girls realized that their hard work made them a bigger force to be reckoned with on the courses next season. This only gives the team reason to challenge themselves next team and set their goals higher.

The golf team is relatively young, with only one senior. With such young talent, this proves that the core team will be coming back next year stronger and with another year of experience under their belts.

Next season, the team is looking forward, to now eighth grader, Taylor Skibinski to come up next year and add to the young talent. Skibinski will help the team out in many ways, especially since she already has a lot of experience under her belt. Over the summer her days consisted of golf tournaments, long practices at the course or getting reps in, and going to watch the pros golf. There is no doubt, that with Skibinski next season, the team will have a lot more success and will be even stronger with all of the young talent.

The girls golf team can not wait until next season to get back onto the course and hopefully make some more school history next season. The team has high hopes for next season and they believe that, with hard work, there is more in store for them in postseason next year.


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