Volleyball: new season, same dream


Megan Grams, Sports Editor

The girls volleyball team has had this dream that, for some, have worked hard for years within the high school program to accomplish this dream. Now, with the 2017 season about half way through and with the vast amount of talent that is on the roster, they have their best shot of finally reaching the goal and living the dream they have imagined.

The team already has some defining characteristics that will help them in achieving these goals. The team communicates well which helps when they get matched with a really competitive team. The team communicates well which helps when they get matched with a really competitive team. The team also works together really well which helps especially if they have goals to make it far into the postseason. The girls also have trust in each other and this is especially important when playing a fast-paced sport. The girls also connect really well on and off the court and this helps gel the team together and builds team chemistry. These qualities make the team stronger and more competitive.

All of the girls on the team put in hard work this summer to improve and straighten out the kinks within their own game. Many girls on the team play for a summer travel club known as, Dunes. The club is highly competitive and many of the girls who do participate in Dunes really focused on bettering themselves during club season to prepare for high school season. Some conditioned by themselves or played another sport throughout the summer to keep them in shape.

Learning from last season, Senior and Captain Kylie Filipiak said, “The team learned that we need to believe we are great,we can not be a successful team if we all are believing we are just average.” This lesson from last year definitely carried onto the new season. The players and coaches noticed the difference within the team chemistry and see that this newfound confidence and belief in the team and in themselves, has greatly impacted the success during this season.

The volleyball team has been on fire this season, and that is putting it lightly. Their record, now 25-4 remains the best in the DAC, topping the 2016 State Runner Ups, the Crown Point Bulldogs. This season for the Lady Wolves has withheld great opportunities to finally make a name for Michigan City volleyball. This season, although it is not finished yet, is a reflection on how next season will go for the Lady Wolves.

The Lady wolves started off the season strong with a 15-0 record. Senior, Jenna Stevenson said that, “Being undefeated was exciting, yet it put on a lot of pressure on us also, especially since we knew that we had a target on our backs and that we were the team to beat.” However, the team lost to the Crownpoint Bulldogs in a heartbreaker. The team believes that this only strengthens them and teaches them a lesson. The loss against Crown Point was a reality check and made the team work harder. This loss motivates the team for when they play Crown Point again, to be a bigger competition, and to let the Bulldogs know that the Wolves are also a force to be reckoned with.

This season has been based off of three words, “Make the jump!” Coach TR Harlan wants all of the girls to make the jump from being a good player to becoming an elite player. The only way to become this elite player is to work hard, and fight for your spot, but no matter what, always support your teammates.

This season has been quite successful so far and the team hopes to achieve one of their many goals in the season left and within the postseason that is right around the corner. With the talent of the starting lineup and the wave of talent that the incoming freshmen have brought to the team, the girls are confident and believe that they will accomplish their goals of winning DAC and capturing the 2017 sectional title.

Coach TR Harlan has made an outstanding difference with the program. Even though it is only his second season as head coach, he has made an impact not only in the program, but also with the team. According to Junior Hannah Noveroske, “He brings fun to the game, but also is serious and knows that we want to be successful and bring home some hardware this season.” This mix of seriousness and fun proves to be effective, especially when watching the Lady Wolves perform on the court.

The team not only has been having success in the regular season, but also during the multiple high school tournaments that are held throughout the season. The Lady Wolves won the Western Michigan College Invite for the second year in a row, this was held before season started. The Lady Wolves also won the Dunes Invitational which was also a preseason event. This past weekend the Lady Wolves went 2-0 at the Valpo Invite.

As the season goes on, the Lady Wolves have high hopes for the remaining season. They will also continue to “Make the Jump.”

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