Athlete of the Issue: Riley Shreve


Gavin Buchanan, News Reporter

Riley Shreve, a Junior at MCHS, is another stellar student that balances his grades alongside of multiple sports and other extracurricular activities. Shreve is one of the many student athletes that participates in sports and clubs, while also maintaining plausible grades. MCHS has been a positive atmosphere for Shreve to be a student-athlete and he knows that he is on the right track. teachers, like Mr. Gillman, that care about their students’ success and have a genuine knack for teaching. The school allows be to be myself and express my emotions through my sports.”

Shreve participates at the Varsity level in football, soccer, and in baseball. He contributes the skills from his other sports to help him perform to the best of his abilities on and off the field. Shreve also played basketball his freshman year, but retired after that season to focus on his classes and other sports.

Outside of high school athletics, he participates on summer teams that help him prepare for the up-and-coming seasons. During the summer, he focuses on expanded his skills and straightening out the kinks in his personal game
Other than athletics, Shreve participates in Yearbook, Spanish Club, and Steering Committee. Shreve also volunteers with his grandma and participates in baseball camps for kids’ throughout the summer. On top of all the extracurricular activities, he maintains an outstanding 3.7 GPA.

“I love the brotherhood that sports allows me to be a part of as well as the connection I get with the community through fans that support my teams and through helping children practice and improve their own game,” Shreve said.
Shreve believes that becoming involved in school activities whether they are clubs or sports is a great way to meet new friends and to create amazing memories. “There are so many benefits to not being a two-fifteener. Yes, I have to work hard and pay attention in the classroom to balance my grades with all of my extracurriculars, but at the end of it all my social life is better, with sports I stay in shape, and I have meaningful friendships from everything that I have participated in.”
Although he is undecided about where, Shreve has an interest in continuing his athletics and education in college after he graduates. Shreve expressed, “If a college were to offer me scholarship money to do something that I love, while expanding my education it would be a hard offer to turn down.”

Although he is undecided about future career paths to study in college, he does know that he wants a career that he enjoys.
Shreve thanks his Mom and Dad for pushing him and being by his side through thick and thin. He says that they have been a huge part in his success and growth throughout the years.

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