A new homecoming queen is crowned


Brittney Adams and her escort, Myon McGee, at the homecoming game

Dalin McCully, Feature Editor

Senior, Brittney Adams was crowned homecoming queen on September 15, 2017.
On that eventful night, during halftime, the 2017-2018 homecoming court walking out in unison on to Ames Field and awaited the announcement of the queen.

Each candidate was introduced and the announcement that Adams was queen was followed by a resounding applause from the audience.

Adams was selected by her peers, The City Singers, to represent their club as a homecoming candidate. Senior year marks her fourth year in the Club.

She said, “I’ve grown a lot of relationships with people in The City Singers, but I was completely shocked when I was told I would be representing them.”

She did not expect however, to come home with a crown atop her head. Adams said, “I was honestly so shocked when I won. I did not expect it at all.”

The crown meant much more to her than just a symbol of popularity, she said, “I feel like a good homecoming queen is someone who puts forth an effort and tries her best to stay humble and still care about people and not take the win to the head.”

The week of homecoming, Adams’ anticipation was built up by participating in dressing up for Spirit Week, designing a poster for her homecoming parade car, and shopping for her dress.

Adams is an honors student at MCHS who enjoys staying academically and socially involved with her friends. She is also a member of the Steering Committee, Drama Club, and National Honor Society. Adams also plays as a goalie for the Lady Wolves soccer team.

Adams feels that surrounding oneself with positive association whether it be with close friends, schoolmates, or teammates, plays an integral role in her happiness.

Her close friend and escort, Senior, Myon McGee, said. “Me and Brittney have been close friends for a while, and it was an honor to escort her and see her win Homecoming Queen.”

Receiving the crown did not hinder her inclination to be humble and appreciative. She said, “I just really appreciate everyone who voted for me and felt that I was worthy of being chosen, even though there were others who also deserved a crown.”

She also gave homage to her friend saying, “I thought Jenna (Stevenson) was going to win, she deserved it just as much as I did.”

Adams had her eyes set on attaining the crown for quite some time saying, “It was a dream of mine for a while, but the main part of that night that I was looking forward to was to just be one of those who could represent our school in a positive way.”

Her mother was one of the many faces in the stands at Ames Field with a wearing wide smile of pride for her daughter’s accomplishment.

Adams said, “Tears were brought to my eyes the moment I saw her (her mother), she was so happy and proud of me. Her and I had a rough patch earlier that week and winning helped us get through it and drew us closer.”

Upon graduation Adams plans to attend Indiana University and major in English and Spanish.

Adams surely will hold onto these memories spent in her Senior year for a lifetime.

Adams said, “Winning at Homecoming definitely was something that I wanted to do for a long time. I was really fortunate to be surrounded by so many of my close friends and family. Plus, City winning against Merillville made my night even better.”

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